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The SGS-01D is a gyro system that will make your car easier to control. It has been especially developed for drifting. Due to the integrated gyroscope you can perform maximum drift angles. The SGS-01D system recognizes every move of the tail sideways and counter-steers automatically. This keeps the RC model from swinging off. By adjusting Gain and Motion control, you can in addition set up how strongly and aggressively the system should intervene.  

It is compatible to all transmitters. You’ll get the maximum out of the system, when using it with the Sanwa SSL technology of the Sanwa M12, Exzes-Z or MT-4S transmitters.   


Please note: 

Adjustment of the steering speed (Motion control) only in combination with the Sanwa M12, EXZES-Z or MT-4S transmitters.

Sanwa Gyro Drift System for Cars